Are Your Feet Feeling the Pain of Quarantine?

If you are like many people at home during this Coronavirus crisis, you have likely taken a relaxed stance on your wardrobe and have parked your shoes at the front door.

In these unprecedented times we, at Clarke Ventresca Foot & Orthotic Centres are often being asked whether we should be wearing shoes in the house?

Yes. We recommend having at least two pairs of shoes – an indoor and outdoor pair.  While the data on COVID-19 is constantly evolving. We know that COVID-19 (and viruses in general) can live on different surfaces for varying times. The risk of transmission from the sole of a shoe is very low as shoes are generally not too close to your face – the main region of transmission. Outdoor shoes can also carry dirt, pollen and bacteria into the home, so best to leave them on the mat by the door.

What should you be wearing in the house?

While your cozy slippers may be your first choice, they are not the best pick for our increased time at home.  An indoor shoe should model our outdoor/walking shoes. They should offer as much durability and protection without sacrificing comfort and flexibility. If you have a low arch you should look for a stiffer sole base with plenty of shock absorption. As for the higher arches – a slightly softer midsole and increased shock absorption will help keep a bounce in your step – even on those ceramic tiles and hard wood floors.

What can happen without shoes?

Walking and standing for long periods of time in the house on hard surfaces like ceramic tile and hard wood floors may cause conditions like heel pain or plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains and even stress fracture, just to name a few. Wearing loose, slip on footwear (those fluffy slippers) can also increase your risk of slips and falls.

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