Thank you to all of our awesome patients who participated in our Fourth Annual Sock Drive. It was a tremendous success as we were able to collect barrels of socks to donate to charity. In Welland our socks were donated to the Open Arms Mission and in St. Catharines the donations went to Community Care.
Socks are very rarely donated to charities and are in great demand. Remember we need to change our socks daily.  For those that are homeless it becomes very important as socks can become dirty very quickly.  Thanks for helping us warm Niagara’s “soles” again!

Here are some interesting sock facts.

Datang, Zhumi, China produces 8 billion pairs of socks in a year.

There are 30 definitions for the word sock.

In 50 years you will have put on approximately 365,000 socks.

Each foot produces 1/2 cup of sweat a day!

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